What is Dialysis?What is Dialysis Treatment?

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis When a patient suffers from kidney damage or kidney (renal) failure, he/she may need dialysis treatment. Many people are not clear about what this process really is and may ask, “What is dialysis treatment?”

What is Dialysis Treatment?

Dialysis treatment, usually just referred to as “dialysis,” is the process of artificially filtering a person’s blood to remove waste and excess fluids. This treatment is necessary when the person’s kidney can no longer manage this function. The blood is filtered in a machine commonly referred to as a dialysis machine or hemodialysis machine through tubing. What is dialysis tubing? The dialysis machine connects to the body using two separate tube lines. First the machine draws blood, usually from the patients arm, filters it, and then returns the filtered blood back into the patient’s body. This requires a circuit of tubing to essentially recycle the blood. A dialysis technician operates the equipment for the patient.

What is Dialysis Like?

Dialysis Treatment ProcessThe dialysis treatment process may be a scary idea to some people. But what is dialysis really like? Many patients have said that the treatment itself is not painful. Probably the most awkward part of dialysis is the “preparation of the veins.” The veins need to be prepared for the tubing to ensure for proper blood flow. If the patient’s veins are too small, he/she might have to take medication to assist with increasing the size and/or elasticity of the veins prior to treatment. Many patients have said that dialysis makes them feel much better, since the symptoms they are feeling from poor kidney function can be reduced.

What is Dialysis Technician Training?

A dialysis technician is a health care professional that has been trained and certified to operate dialysis equipment. The technician works closely with patients to ensure they are comfortable while receiving dialysis treatment, but also to adjust the dialysis machine to filter blood based on each patient’s specific needs. Dialysis technician schools provide formal training that prepares students to work in a medical environment delivering dialysis services.

What is Kidney Disease?

There are two main types of kidney problems: acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. Kidney injury occurs usually immediately after a physically traumatic incident that directly impacts the kidney’s function. Kidney disease can occur for many different reasons. Common causes of kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, and even lupus. The danger of kidney injury and kidney disease with lost kidney function is, waste products and fluid build up in the body, causing swelling, vomiting, weakness, poor sleep, and shortness of breath. If left untreated, kidney disease can be fatal. That’s why, “What is dialysis?” is an important question. Without dialysis, many patients with kidney injury or kidney disease face serious life-threatening risks.

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