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Traveling Dialysis Technician

A traveling dialysis technician is a certified medical professional that travels to various medical facilities to provide patients with kidney dialysis services. In some cases travel is only partially required, and other times traveling dialysis technicians are on the road quite often. The amount of travel varies by position. In some cases travel may occur only at the end or beginning of a designated employment contract.

Traveling Dialysis Technician Duties

The job duties of a traveling dialysis technician don’t change with regards to providing dialysis services. The main difference between a traveling dialysis technician and a technician located solely in one location is the burden of traveling. Many companies and hospital networks utilize traveling dialysis technicians to avoid lower labor costs. Because dialysis is usually not a service that occurs every day, all day, technicians can be sent to various locations to attend dialysis patients at each one.

Dialysis Tech Job Description

The main duties of a dialysis technician rarely change, whether the position requires travel or not. A dialysis tech is responsible for providing direct patient care and managing all the technical aspects of of the dialysis process. This may include dialyzer reuse and maintenance on the dialysis equipment. Technicians are also responsible for monitoring a patient’s response to dialysis, especially water treatment, and adjusting the treatment as necessary. This requires the meticulous recording of patient records, progress, and any changes to treatment. Monitoring and helping a patient develop through the dialysis process often involves a team of medical staff, normally including nurses and the patient’s primary physician.

Traveling Dialysis Technician Salary

According to, one of the largest job sites on the internet, the average salary of a certified dialysis technician was $46,000 in 2013. Dialysis technician salary, like any other occupation, is affected by various economic factors. The dialysis technician field has good opportunities for growth and there is room for advancement. Salaries can get as high as $100,000 for the higher administrative careers.

Dialysis Technician Salary

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