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Dialysis Technician Pay

Measuring dialysis technician pay is difficult because it is not an occupation that is individually tracked by large government organizations, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS groups dialysis technicians into a broader category of health technologists and technicians.

Average Dialysis Technician Pay

O*Net Online, an America Job Center Network partner indicates that the annual pay of health technicians was $38,080 on average.  This includes dialysis technician pay. Some health technicians earned as much as $54,000, to as high as $100,00 for specialized occupations and administrative positions.

Dialysis Technician Jobs

One of the best ways to gauge dialysis technician pay is to do a search for dialysis technician jobs in your area and see what employers are paying. Indeed.com is a very fast and easy to way to find dialysis technician jobs and get a handle on salary and wages. Indeed.com is a great resource for finding current dialysis technician pay in your area.

Dialysis Technician Salary

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Dialysis Technician Programs

Dialysis technician programs are designed to prepare students to work in a health care environment and operate dialysis equipment. Operating and adjusting dialysis equipment requires specialized knowledge and skills. Dialysis technician programs train students to acquire this knowledge and become proficient at the skills needed to operate a hemodialysis machine.  Dialysis technician pay is usually commensurate to an employee’s experience and education. Students who are more successful and focused on completing dialysis technician programs may be more qualified and receive higher pay. Some of the concepts discussed during dialysis technician training programs include:

  • Medical terminology.
  • Human biology and anatomy.
  • Kidney function and kidney (renal) failure.
  • Principles of dialysis.

Dialysis Technician Duties

Not only do dialysis technicians learn how to operate equipment, they provide basic assistance to patients receiving dialysis. Some other dialysis technician responsibilities may include helping patients become comfortable or taking and recording patient vital signs before, during, and after dialysis. Being able to accurately manage dialysis technician duties on a daily basis might be considered a crucial factor that determines dialysis technician pay.

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