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Dialysis Technician Schools and Training

A dialysis technician is a certified medical professional that has been trained to assist dialysis patients and operate dialysis equipment. It is through dialysis technician schools that students learn the skills and develop the knowledge necessary to become a dialysis tech.

During training, technicians learn about the human body, principles of dialysis, and how to work with staff in a medical environment, such as a clinic or hospital. Dialysis technician salary is competitive and the future job outlook for dialysis technicians is very positive.

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis, sometimes referred to as “hemodialysis,” is the process of artificially filtering the waste and excess water from a person’s blood. Dialysis usually becomes necessary when a patient is suffering from some form of kidney (renal) failure. Kidney failure is when the patient’s kidney no longer processes the blood effectively. It is at this point that dialysis is needed to ensure the patient doesn’t suffer more serious illnesses.

Dialysis Technician Certification

Becoming a dialysis technician requires that you complete the necessary training, pass the final exam, and in some cases participate in a practicum or internship to gain hands on experience. Once these steps have been completed, you can be certified as a dialysis technician. Prior to beginning a training program, some states may require that you already possess a high school diploma or have completed the General Education Development (GED) test.

Duties of a Dialysis Tech

The main role of a dialysis technician is to operate and maintain the dialysis equipment. Because dialysis is a procedure specific to each patient, the technician learns to adjust the equipment settings to provide the care needed by each individual. The dialysis technician is also responsible for monitoring patients before, during, and after they receive dialysis. Some technicians are also responsible for physically assisting patients when receiving dialysis. This may include helping them become situated in a sitting or laying position prior to receiving dialysis.

Dialysis Technician Salary

In most governmental and other legitimate occupational statistics websites, dialysis technicians are categorized under the health technologists and technicians section. According to O*Net OnLine, one of the largest partners of the America Job Center Network, health technicians earn an average annual salary of $38,080, about $18/hour. It can be assumed that the dialysis technician salary has a similar average.

Dialysis Technician Salary

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Dialysis Technician Job Outlook

O*Net OnLine projects a 20-28% growth of the dialysis technician job market between 2010 and 2020. This growth is considered faster than average when compared to other industries. That figure translates into a projected 40,400 new jobs will be created during that same period.